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    Xbox One Title Update

    We're very happy to announce that an update has been released today that will address some of the online issues you may have been experiencing. Here is a list of changes:
    - Update size: about 175mb
    - Improves online smoothness, especially for slow connections (less teleporting)
    - Online playlist now have randomized track order
    - Online playlist for Rhythm Racing is now merged with Pack 2 (all 10 tracks in one Playlist)
    - Online playlists now include all Squall Valley tracks
    - Controller disconnect no longer disconnects from online play

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    Great great work! You guys are knocking it out of the park. This game is the best MX game out there. Thank you for all the great updates!!'

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    Think it's time for a server update ... joining lobby's is ridiculous anymore. I've spent a ton of money on bikes and tracks and 99% of the time I can't join a race or get kicked 2 minutes in.



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