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    There's a lot to be learned from this game developer's approach...

    Spike, maker of the Japanese Puroresu game (Japanese wrestling), and their director's approach to making the greatest fighting simulation ever even better. The series started in 1989. Over 20 Fire Pro titles and now after 10 years returns in 2017 with Fire Pro Wrestling World. 10, yes 10, members on the development team. The best and most in depth fighting simulation ever made. Read their approach to improving their game. This is SO well said.

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    Btw, Fire Pro Wrestling World is, like all Fire Pro games, amazing. The amount of detail in this game is astounding. And it is killing it on Steam and coming to PS4 soon. Proof that you don't have to water down and make pick up and play arcade games to sell product even in niche sports.

    Non MX related but this is how a small development team in a niche sport handles it. I think Rainbow and lots other developers could learn from this. It's a simulation, it's insanely in depth, it's realistic, it has years of replay value and oh yeah it's fun!



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