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    Popped in Reflex.

    First time doing so in years, man, what a throwback of great memories. I know it's been answered time and time again by the developers that the servers are purged for life, but I just can't help but refuse to believe that it's just not possible. I can understand code being wiped out of their hands that denies the possibility of adding content to the game, but online servers? I just don't understand. If my memory serves correct the servers were active long after THQ & Rainbow was shut down. I miss the competitiveness and the community that game brought over Xbox Live, something you just can't get on the PC. Can we get a detailed answer as to why exactly the servers are non-transferable to another host?

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    The technology that supported the servers was operated by a third-party provider. The servers were shut down when that provider was bought out and terminated its hosting services. This occurred well after the release of Reflex; THQ was still around; Alive might have already been out by then. After THQ and Rainbow shut down, portions of the code database for Reflex were lost. Reflex on PC remained operational because it never used that third-party provider.

    Hope that provides some clarity.

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    And none of these portions could be rebuilt? Or because the game is so old nobody feels the time and money would be worth investing into? You'd think that when this 3rd party hosting company had gotten bought out that they would hand over whatever chunk of technology that operated Reflex online to make a migration feasible.



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