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    Idea thread for Rainbow's next MX game

    Hoping the team is busy at work to the followup to 2014/2015's Supercross and Encore and 16's Encore Official Track Edition. I've stated it tons of times as have others but never hurts to put some priority ideas for next game in list form. So, here are a few that comes to mind.

    Full license either in MX or SX. if Milestone can do it, you can. Davey Coombs of MX Sports has stated he is interested in a MXGP type official game for his Outdoors series. I realize Youthstream has everything under an umbrella but a serious effort will result in either a complete license or close to it.

    slow game down...or put a game speed slider so that your more sim fans will be satisfied. Alive had good game speed but Encore was way too fast.

    smarter, better AI. not just faster. smarter line selection, less random and reckless.

    ability to pick the AI pros you want to race against in a season

    let us create Pro riders and include them in our seasons. That way, if someone is missing from game we can add them and make the game as authentic as possible.

    Bike/rider DLC re-assign. We pay a lot of money to just see our OEM bike while all the AI rides generic bikes. Let us re-assign any rider to whatever OEM bike we choose. Either that or just get the full license and have it locked down with their real bike.

    tone the clutch way down. 0-35 mph in 1 second. Let's do away with that, please.

    no push up preload. go back to Reflex method.

    stop with the exaggerated jumps 5 and 6 at a time

    MORE REALISTIC SCALE!! Please don't base your scale on quads. Just put less quads on gate if that is a concern which is part of what we heard was justification for widening the tracks. Make it like Alive was scale and speed wise

    more serious, less cartoony like presentation...more MX/SX related looking screens

    fully custom mapping of controller

    shifting that works. Map shift up to L3 and down to R3

    add a rear brake. The face buttons have been used for nothing for too many years. Expand the control.

    Play Reflex on PC with the user created AMA replica tracks and THAT is what you should shoot for. Or Alive's JS7 Compound. Reflex's user created Unadilla is a work of ART!! Rough.

    Give us ruts and a super rough terrain for the Outdoors.

    22 riders on the gate. Competition is doing it since 2015.

    Expand custom camera so you can completely adjust zoom, angle, height. Very important

    Make it a TV style presentation like we see o the broadcasts each week

    Bike tuning that works

    Compounds. The Nest, The Baker's Factory

    Take another cue from MXGP 3. Give us traction, lots of force feedback. Make it rough feeling.

    If you're doing SX, give us heats lcqs, full mains or two moto formats in outdoors in a full points series.

    Make AI riders skills reflect their actual attributes. Like a ratings system so the results make sense.

    I have hundreds of suggestions but I realize you must prioritize. But making the experience more authentic and realistic should be priority 1 and that includes proper scale and bike speed. Please do not try to cater to the masses. The masses do not buy MX games. MX fans buy MX games. It is perfectly fine to have a learning curve and challenging and have deep, intuitive control. Your fans will appreciate it.

    You can do this!! Alive's JS7 Compound is STILL the best MX gaming experience on a console. I have faith your team can make a great, fun, intuitive, challenging and most importantly realistic and authentic MX/SX game. Hope that is what we get!

    Thanks for your hard work!
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    Man, I get the team is probably busy working on hopefully the next MX game but I was hoping another forum member or someone would engage in some conversation. Seems like all I do is come here and talk to myself! LOL! It's like therapy. It's all good. Best of luck to the team on the next game. Hoping they can land a full license with either Lucas Oil Pro Motocross or Monster Energy Supercross. I think motocross is the more likely of the two at this point.

    Work hard boys!! Thank you for your efforts. Let's make this one count!

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    I check these forums almost everyday hoping to see if a new post is on here. I also would love to hear any kind of an update or time frame from someone working on the next game. I try not to bring up other games but they could possibly incorporate some of the good things. I wouldn't even say it is a competing company we players will support any mx or sx game that comes out. I wish the team my best , thank you for your hard work and I'll keep checking on here and hope one of you post something soon.

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    Agreed. I buy everything from anyone who makes MX or SX games. I have my preferences but always support all teams who make MX SX games!

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    I haven't seen any response from anyone lately on here I hope they're still checking in here to get our suggestions. We players who won't give up on checking these forums want the the same as the team working on it. We all want the best game possible that gives you as close to the feel of being on a bike as possible in a game . If the team is looking on here at all maybe just leave a response letting us know you didn't forget about us and your seeing our ideas and hopefully considering them.

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    Best idea, there are many but the lost community is due to the ONLINE experience. My big idea??? Make ONLINE work. We have lost our community because since supercross the online has been broke. Back in the days of Alive we raced and raced. You could go online and jump in with the main room at any time and there was usually a full gate or close to it. Since supercross and encore have come out online doesnt work and we have lost our base. Supercross didnt work at all and encore patched it enough that you can race LIMITED competition due to the face once the host leaves the rooms emptys. IF the host doesnt leave then the room dwindles untill everyones left and never really REFILLS after the initial room filling if that makes sense. So with all the quitters your starting over and over and even if you are the host it fills once and then everyone who quits just lowers the numbers until you have to leave yourself and try to start up a room again. NOBODY wants to keep restarting rooms or getting BOOTED due to the host leaving. It worked in alive ...not sure about reflex so there is NO reason for this??? I feel like the MX team has become quitters in trying to fix it. ITS just "good enough for them" the way it is. So the community was BUILT on going online and someone carrying the main room on and it filling at every ended session and the HOST being passed on to the next guy when someone had to leave so the GROUP could continue to race. Now the numbers are so low im afraid we are losing everyone to the "other game" . Limited to 12 riders and then nobody to race hardly leaves one no choice but to go find where everyone else is racing. I LOVE the handling for the most part. I grabbed that other game and the main reason it hasnt grabbed me is due to NO feel in the air and so so tracks. In encore I can show you my drain plug in a whip and ride with great style. I personally think they are not getting licence because the OTHER game has it and probably has certain rights and so MX has been locked out a bit and late to the table. They probably have to ask permission or wait out a period of time.


    1. Allow mapping the controller
    2. Continue to tweak the look of the bike when whipping (bars bending like more with bit better roll over look) not really the handling.
    3. Scale between Alive and where you are now. I agree it still needs to be closer to Alive.
    4. Slow it down by the same amount you did when you went from supercross to encore....not much but a little more. I actually like going fast.
    5. Work on terrain more maybe adding elements like rain ect. I dont need all the eye candy the other game has but weather is natural as is deforming of the track.
    6. Keep top out speed the same across all parts but maybe making different parts give the bike a different FEEL say switching tires or suspension causing faster or slower turning ect.
    7. BUILD AROUND ONLINE... its the only way for the future and you must be NUMBER 1 in this category or we are done. The online experience builds...friends ....competition...bragging rights ...riders that dont ride like AI which i see a lot of complaining about. Thats why you get online and race real people and guess what? They will react the way you only wish AI could...only humans can do that. Why have AI when you can get the real thing. I feel sorry for those who dont have access to online and are stuck with the core game only.


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    Although I can't play online I do agree it should work well also. When it's advertised to be able to play online you should be able to. It's also important to have the best offline experience as possible not everyone who buys the game has access to an Internet connection I am fortunate that I get dlc and updates at a friends house who has access to high speed Internet. It should be considered also that some don't even have that option so please when the next game is released don't have any obvious problems like frame rate issues on tracks ,those players will never see the improvements we get in patches. I still am wondering though is anyone from the team checking these forums we haven't heard from anyone in awhile.



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