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    Any word on next game?

    Just wanted to see if there is any word on a new MX game from Rainbow. With the competition delivering another game this week, was really hoping we would get some kind of word on what's next in store for the Rainbow MX series. We need to support both teams. Our sport is small so we must support those willing to make games for us. It's been a while since Supercross came out. Hopefully you guys have something cool up your sleeves that you can at least talk about sometime in the near future.

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    No new MX vs ATV amongst 8 new games announced by Nordic at Gamescom 2017. That's really disappointing.

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    Still have faith in this team. Hoping we get some news on next game and hoping for a licensed game that's a bit more realistic. Thanks for your continued hard work, team.

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    Well hope to hear about the next game soon.

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    hmmmm..... their still pulling the silent card



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