I've heard stories that the source code is gone, devs no longer have the rights, etc. and that's why it was never fixed. Is this true?

As it is, Reflex is broken for a lot of users. In fact, not a single computer in my household will run it properly with specs much higher than they need to be to run said game. The bug being that it out right doesn't work well for a lot of users with specs much above the recommended. In the pre-game stadium they get 60FPS, but in an actual race it can drop as low as 5FPS and the system remains completely un-taxed.

About a year ago I was in touch with one of the devs who said they'd take a look into the notorious bug but I never got word back. It was one of the devs/moderators of the Steam forum for Reflex.

I'd also like to note that I discovered some form of a work around, by starting the game running only half the available cores on a system or only the first two cores, you could achieve a small performance boost or a large performance boost depending on the CPU. AMD CPU's usually see a bigger boost. So it's definitely a bug.

So I was just wondering what the (hopefully) good word is and if some of my questions could be answered. I'd be mighty thankful.