Iim having issues with MX vs ATV Supercross Encore on my PS4. all of my friends running MX 450's on free ride rhythm racing side track and reaching 80 MPH in first gear without clutching or re-flexing on the back wheel but i can only reach a max of 24 to 25 MPH in first gear. all bikes are fully upgraded. i cant compete with anyone due to this issue on any bike on my console except the ATV's!!! i have been playing for 3 months and can not clear tipples or quads with any dirt bike while my friends almost lap me every race! but let me get out the ATV and it flys fast as heck and full of power and i dont have any issues. whats weird is when i login on my friends ps4 on his copy of the mx vs atv game on any bike with my account my bikes instantly get a power boost and i get 80 MPH in first gear on free ride rhythm racing side track and can clear triples or quads with ease but when i get back on my PS4 and log in with my copy of MX VS ATV that i purchased at a discount through "Humble Bundle" witch was also downloaded in the play station store, my game goes right back to slow speeds and cant even beat the AI's on Rookie mode on rhythm racing!!! i even whent as fare as game sharing and downloaded my friends copy of the game but thill on my PS3 my bike is slow. I dont understand why im fast on my account on all 3 of my friends consoles and come in between 1st and 4th place on multiplayer but am always slow and last place on my console. i have great internet, have also taken my console to my friends houses just to see if it was an internet issue but still my game racing is slow ONLY on my console witch is less than a year old. im fast on all other racing games and kick butt on call of duty and meny other multiplayer games but MX VS ATV.. i even went as fare as deleting and wiping my ps4 clean and reinstalled the game 4 times and purchased DLC bike packs and still have the same issue!! any ideas on what the heck is going on? has any one else experienced this issue??? any help will be appreciated