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    Congrats to MX vs ATV for sponsoring the 2017 Outdoor track maps. (At least Hangtown)

    Just saw the track maps for Hangtown and saw it was sponsored by MX vs ATV. We know Mike has made the green arrow track maps fir a while but I think this is first time MX vs ATV has sponsored the actual track maps.

    Any affiliation with either Feld or MX Sports is a great move. Who knows? Maybe this could lead to actual replica Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross tracks down the pipeline for future games.

    Never hurts to have those affiliations. Good move.
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    Thanks! It's an amazing opportunity for us to be part of the 2017 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross season. ...And it is pretty sweet to see the MvA logo on the track map.

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    I know you guys opened a bit of a can of worms on your FB page and now everyone thinks or thought you were doing Outdoor replicas as DLC. But I know that was never the case. Mike has built these fabulous, beautiful replica track maps for Lucas Oil Pro Motocross for years so it only makes sense that his team be attached in some way to help promote the MX vs ATV brand.

    I do get what some are saying to a degree though. Why does a video game company sponsor a series and make track maps for the sport their game emulates but not integrate said tracks into their game?

    My take is no, it's not happening now and frankly I don't want any more DLC for Supercross/Encore as that game engine is over 3 years old now and I personally think the team needs to move forward. However, what I do want is the Outdoor season replicas to be an integral part of your next full MX game. A game that would slow the game speed down some and ramp up the realism which in turn will make it even more fun. That is what I hope you guys are aiming for or shooting for.

    But for now, I get it. You've just attached your brand to the greatest Outdoor MX series there is. That is nothing but POSITIVE. Let's hope a partnership between you and MX Sports brings you to making what everyone wants, the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship replica series game (not just tracks!)

    Best of luck and good work on this! Beautiful renderings, Mike Mamula!!!

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    I have an honest question. Hopefully you are able to give me a straight forward, honest answer. I know it is very political and a lot of work but since you now have a working relationship with MX Sports for the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship series is getting the rights to do replica Outdoor tracks and better yet getting the rights to do a full licensed Lucas Oil Pro Motocross video game something that your team wants to do or is working towards? I have spoke with Davey Coombs before and he said that that is something they would be interested in doing. Pretty much what Milestone did for their series but it, of course, being for the US series.

    Honestly, is that something that is on the chalk board as a goal or objective?


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    Unfortunately, this topic is not one we can comment on freely. Sorry. We hope you understand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiskeySquid View Post

    Unfortunately, this topic is not one we can comment on freely. Sorry. We hope you understand.
    That's better than a simply no right?



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