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    Thanks for 16 awesome tracks!

    Hello! I havnt visited in a while, busy times as usual, but what i have been doing is each week getting super excited for a new track - and each week coming back to Encore. It has been an absolutley awesome thing to look forward to every week, and the tracks have been outstanding. Playing the last one (Vegas) was bitter sweet, for sure. Probably the best one out of them all. The custom stadium was rad, the track was rad, thunder alley was rad, the FMX park by the pits was totally rad and much more realistic than the other tracks randomly added ramps.

    Everything about this has been awesome. And it has worked like clockwork almost every week.
    Thanks for doing a killer job! It's been so fun to have a new track / reason to play each week and already knowing the layout of the track when the real race goes down on saturdays. Top notch. And again, Vegas truly stepped it up even further with the added atmosphere of the real stadium.

    Can't wait to see what the future holds but hoping it's looking bright.

    High five Rainbow!

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    I agree 100%. So stoked to see the new stadium. And the Vegas track is very very good. Love holding it wide coming back into the stadium.

    This game did for me what no other game had done since MCM2. Seriously. Reflex for me was so limited with no free practice, no new tracks (less a couple), very inconsistent trick input, I lost interest very quickly. I have played this game almost every day since Oct 28 2014.

    Nope, this game ain't perfect but these dudes tried very hard to bring us a game that was decently relevant, tons of goodies, new tracks etc. They also weathered a huge storm initially which was probably not easy. Over all for the price of it and all of the DL's I feel it was way worth it. What else would you be playing right now? MXGP with it's sloooow floaty bike physics? Nope. Not me.

    I do hope the future holds more realism in terms of bike physics etc. But overall I am happy we have the game.

    Thanks guys. Have a good vacation!

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    I couldn't agree more with both up above +1+1. Also its brought out the hard core guys who actually bought the pack and are the better riders anyways. These tracks have actually created a "PRO" class of racers (racing the 2017 tracks) and a novice/intermediate class of players (original list) and so you get less "quitters" with the pro guys and you can actually do some racing by eliminating the casual players who didn't buy the pack. I'm finding this to be as good of a accidental benefit as how great and challenging the tracks have been. So many more timing sections and true skill needed to ride these tracks fast and showed more of the potential of the game then it initially did thanks!


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    Thank you for all of the compliments. It was an amazing opportunity for us to do the Official Supercross tracks. We were as excited to make them as all of our community has been to play them.
    And this all would not have been possible without the support of our fans, old and new. Thank you again.

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    These tracks are really good. The team did a great job on them. Is there any chance we'll get to play offline in career mode with these and the track pack tracks . That would be great if so . I'm sure you guys are busy working on the next game but if not to hard to be done this would be appreciated. Thanks as always your work is much appreciated.
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