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    Well team, I tried really hard, but I'm done with Encore. Back to other MX games. :(

    I've spent a ton of money on Supercross and Supercross Encore. I've supported in every way. I've done everything I can do to try to really enjoy the game. I've not used the clutch at all so as to try to slow the game down some. I've only done the pull back preload, not the push up part to try to alleviate the ridiculous jumping 5 and 6 sections at a time. Despite some really nice work by Mike on the replica tracks I've so desperately wanted, it just isn't enjoyable to me. It hasn't been for a long time. The track scale is too big, the game speed is too fast, the clutch too powerful, you can quad and jump 5 to 6 obstacles at a time too often, the push up pre-load is just arcade mess too much like Unleashed from 13 years ago and the AI is atrocious. It's just a hot arcade mess. I'm cool with a simcade approach like games like NBA2K or your older games like Reflex and Alive but this one has just strayed too far from it's source material.

    It bums me out. Despite some abysmal tracks, in my opinion, Alive had most everything going in the right direction with proper scale, pretty reaistic speeds and clutch, a great pre-load and seat bounce feature and the brilliant, near perfect JS7 Compound. I was so bummed when the game folded and no one was happier to have Rainbow back than me. Heck, I even sent Reinhard a few of the team members emails , with their permission, to get him in touch with them and reform the group. But to throw away all that was good in Alive and go back to way too much Unleashed stuff, only way faster...well, it's just not for me.

    I've supported, bought multiple versions, all the DLC and done my part. But I'm not happy. I hope my loyalty, dollar wise, will be rewarded next game with a much more realistic version. I do thank the team for finally getting replicas. That was huge. But in the end it's not enough to help me enjoy this game. It's just not realistic, not authentic and not fun. It bums me out but it is what it is. For now I'll go back to playing the Alive JS7 tracks I love and a couple others on that game, the Reflex ones I like (though I honestly like the Alive engine/code/scale much better) and the competition's games as well as a couple of very nice, well made games from the early 2000s.

    In addition to not having fun with Supercross/Encore I also am just disappointed by the lack of communication from the team. I understand that you want to support and promote your current game but the team seems like they are in denial. They love Encore and thus that's all that matters. Despite what the majority of their customers say they pretty much reply if it's positive and ignore if it's negative, which most of it is, btw. I know the Reflex code is gone. But the Alive code was with you guys and you completely changed it to something that just isn't that good. I do think some small changes could make it so much better but when I or others take our time to constructively criticize the game and ways to help improve the game we basically get radio silence. That is no way to treat loyal fans. And also no way to improve your game.

    I like everyone on the team and they work hard and are a super small team, I know. But the game has took several steps back. Several. If they would have just left it as it was and built the SX tracks we wanted from Alive or better yet the replicas we would have been happy. Instead the time and work (by the super small team) was put into to overhauling nearly everything in a bad way. And other than the replica tracks, nothing is improved over Reflex or Alive. Nothing. Again, my opinion but also the opinion of I would say 90% of your fans on FB, Twitter, Youtube and here.

    I'm just disappointed. Hope things get better. Hope someone just starts a conversation with me. I get tired of really trying to write thoughtful, polite posts to try to express what I and what nearly all your fans want only to get radio silence or a canned thanks for the support reply. I'm hoping there are major changes in store. But this time for the good. Until it does I'll just play Alive, Reflex, MXGP 2 (and 3) and old games like Superfly and EA Supercross.
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    Ok, I feel ya bro. And nobody wants a real SX sim more than me. I am looking at 50 years old now. I have been addicted to all things SX for nearly 40 years. I have literally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the hobby of riding, racing, gaming, & and the spectating of the sport since attending my first race at Saddleback in 1981 (The massacre). And yes, I too was very critical during this game's initial release and all of it's snafus. But I simply came to a position of acceptance since there really was nothing else out there. And these guys kept trying to improve the game as well as pumping out the DLC for us. So instead of getting caught up in what this game wasn't, I began to love it for what it was.

    Just because all of your expectations and demands have not been met, don't get your feelings hurt bro. I look at it this way. I would not be playing anything online if it weren't for this game. You can't look at it through a purist mind. Use the dang preload, Use the dang clutch. Get out there and race homey! Life is just too dang short to take it all so seriously.

    Hey, I do respect your opinion and agree with you an nearly all your points. But what then?

    I choose to race!

    Peace out.

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    I appreciate the reply, Spode. Man, I've been around forever as well. 47 years. I used to play the heck out of your replica MCM2 tracks dude. Good times.

    I am fine with things not being perfect man. Really I am. I still play certain Supercross games from that big company who used to sponsor the series back in 2000/2001. So I can work around problems. Those had tons of issues. I think the main thing that just keeps me from enjoying it is this. Two problems actually.

    Inaccurate speed and scale. I just feel the game is too darn fast. It just feels crazy fast at times. Simple as that. And if I play NHL or NBA or another MX game I want the speed to be accurately replicated and not exaggerated. if LeBron runs the court at hyper speed...well, I just don't enjoy it. Or if the court was twice as wide. Crude example but you get the idea. Compare this game to an onboard gopro footage video especially with the new Litpro technology. It's just way off. In my opinion, of course, respectively.

    And lastly, there just isn't a good season mode like every other sports game has and that Rainbow's competition has. Playing one off races is ok but if you don't play online (which I don' high speed available here....still..grr...) you need a good season mode like all other sports games have. They had in 2000 in E* Supercross 2000. No reason we can't have it 17 years and 3 generations of systems later.

    Those aren't ridiculous complaints or rants and are pretty easy fixes. Heck, Alive absolutely nailed the game speed and scale, so there you go. I know the team works hard and I really appreciate them though some think I don't. I get the hard work they do. And I'm not asking for the world. Pretty simple requests actually. I know it won't happen, if it happens at all, till next game so I have to play what I can. The game speed just really irks me, man. Hard to get over the speed and scale both being so off. To me, those should be priority one in getting right in a game.

    But hey, glad you enjoy it. I've tried. And regardless, I have bought every version and EVERY DLC to support the team. But I hope next time round we get something that can be adjusted at least speed wise, maybe move the scale back to Alive size and for sure a full season mode with heats/semis/lcqs/mains.

    I don't mean to complain all the time but if people don't honestly express their thoughts, constructively, then we will limit the possibility of the game growing and progressing into the best it can be.

    In the meanwhile, as you say. If you can enjoy it, then do so! If you don't then just play the other MX game or go back into the SX games archives.

    **People think I bag on this series and I am often critical of Encore for sure but I will say this and I would like the developers to hear it. To me, the single best thing we have ever seen in MX/SX gaming PERIOD is by Rainbow with the Alive JS7 tracks. Perfect speed, perfect scale, perfect weight, perfect replica. That is the bar!! So I am a fan!

    I will say though is that I am glad we at least have a couple of franchises out there now. When Alive got yanked we had nothing on console until MUD. That in between SX games time was bleak. So what we have might not be something I really enjoy with Encore but I am very thankful to have the team back and hope in the future we get what the fans want.
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    It's all been said a million times (with me accounting for about half of that million) so I just really ought to hush now. Lol. Just hoping for some feedback and hopefully change, I guess.

    On the bright side, major props to the Rainbow team for finally getting with Feld and getting replicas done. That is a huge step in the right direction. Despite my squabbles with the game, Mike did an awesome job on the layouts and the whole team churned out a lot of DLC since Supercross and Encore came on the scene. I hope this partnership with Feld continues!!
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    Dang bro if we could get you out online I think it may have been a much better experience for you. I rarely play the game offline at all. Every night I have so many great battles with guys, flying through the air whipping it, side by side through rhythms just busting up all the time. So fun.

    I am sure you have ridden a modern 450 before right? So you know they haul ass. The 450's in the game actually feel slow to me at least off the gate. But the rest of the way around the track they feel close to real to me. Where I'd like to see a change is what happens if you aren't perfect around the track at speed just like in real life etc. So when I flat land a 80 ft jump in the game and just keep riding, the crash threshold should be much slimmer like what would happen if I did it in real life. The game is too forgiving making impossible things all too possible. If they could close that gap it would be much more difficult and fun.

    Yeah those MCM2 days were THE best for sure. Loved logging onto The Zone and seeing 200+ people in rooms racing. Way too many nights going to work after staying up till dawn racing! LoL.



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