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    Flatout111's thoughtful input on Rainbow's next MX game. Focus: Game Design Layout!

    I put a lot of time and thought preparing this and hope the developers will look over everything here respectfully and respond and open up some ideas and conversation on what the game needs, the limitations you may have and how to prioritize.

    Rainbow took a huge step forward getting replica tracks. Thanks to Rainbow, Nordic and Feld. Hopefully that continues. There are a lot of things that need to be addressed for next game. Improved, more realistic physics, more riders at the gate, slow game down or have a game speed slider, more realistic scale, make control a bit more...dare I say it...Reflex like. The list goes on. But there is a core for a good game here for sure. It just needs to be reigned in and not made so over the top and arcade.

    I am going to speak frankly here. I try not to speak about competitor's games on this forum but sometimes things just need to be said without fear of hurting feelings. All this is being said to try to improve your franchise. Both Rainbow and Milestone have their weaknesses and pluses. But a lot of the problem with Rainbow MX games is and always has been the design/layout of game. It seems to be built for one off race/exhibition races. That needs to be addressed and fall in line with what other sports franchises have done and where MXGP has raised the bar in regards to.

    So, here goes.

    Create a full day's SX event with practice, heats, semis, LCQs and Mains. Milestone does this in their MXGP series perfectly. You can choose to have a full day's event or pick and choose what you want. This is CRITICAL. These replica SX tracks are great but they are basically just one race exhibition races. There's no series and for sure no full day's events. That is what most fans want. To experience the day the pros have and what we see, in full, at the races or on the broadcasts. It really hurts the experience to not have this. You need a full season mode and within that the option to have a full night's schedule.

    Full 16 race season points series (excluding Daytona since it's not a Feld event...but maybe add MEC)
    Full days/nights events. Options to pick what you want. Borrow this from MXGP.

    Timed practice, bike tuning to get setup right in pits/with mechanics.
    Timed qualifying
    LCQs (not having this struggle to get to Main if you're in a tight season points battle is eliminating one of the coolest parts of the sport!)

    Make option for timed races ( for example 20 minutes plus 1 lap or 20 laps or less if chosen). Make lap/time option available in each race.

    In season mode it is IMPERATIVE that we be able to pick the riders we want in the series mode. Too often, in Encore, you have no top tier riders in your "season". No offense to 7 Deuce Deuce and retired rider now RaceDay/Arenacross announcer Daniel Blair but if you only have 12 riders it diminishes season to have too many lower tier riders (though these guys are still amazing, don't get me wrong). A simple check off who you want is simple.

    You need a create a rider to build, with attributes, the riders who do not choose to be in game such as Dungey, Reed, Tomac, etc. MXGP has everyone so they don't have that issue. Rainbow does not have everyone so this is an easy work around. A create a rider where you can add as many created pros to a season mode as you choose. Again, this has been done for years in other sports games.

    To make points series make sense the elite riders need to be programmed to be better, AI wise. Thus, in most cases, the elite riders should finish on or near top. Again, so the points series makes sense. MXGP does this. The randomness of Encore with Roczen and Seely getting 11th and 12th with Kyle Chisolm winning has GOT TO GO, guys!! C'mon. This is frustrating.

    Rider/bike re-assign. If we have to buy OEM DLC in this game at least give us the option to assign any or any bike we have purchased. This will keep the game more current as riders switch brands and also make the DLC more worthwhile. Tired of paying money but still seeing all the pros riding Nordic generic bikes.

    All of this could be done. MXGP did it back in 2014. I think this greatly improve your game. I REALLY hope to actually hear thoughts back from the developers. Talk to me, to us. Let's start some communication instead of just the canned answers we sometimes, most of the time get. All for the good of the game, everyone!! Thanks for your time.
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