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Thread: Xbox 1 issues

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    Xbox 1 issues

    So it seems lately being able to race online has been spotty. Most times it connects to no room and just disconnects. Then when you retry the oprions to pick a lobby aren't even there. Any fix for this comming as I understand a lot of people have this issur from time to time.
    Also curious will you guys ever implement a host migration, since now when a host leaves the game the entire lobby is kicked off? Thanks! Enjoy the game!

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    If you are having trouble connecting to other players, try the following fixes in descending order.

    1. Return to the Main Menu / Title Screen.
    2. Restart the game.
    3. Restart the console.
    4. Fully shut down the console for 5 minutes.
    5. Fully shut down the console for 5 minutes and restart the modem and router.
    6. Adjust the router's NAT settings to Open.

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    Disconnects are most frequently due to poor connections between the host and the clients or the clients and one another. All it takes is a few particularly poor connections to cause a lobby to perform poorly.

    We had attempted to implement host migration during development. However it proved to cause more issues than it resolved, so it was abandoned.
    That said, in future games, we plan to revisit host migration.



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