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    More cheating? Or more reports of performance issues?

    I know I already have a thread on this. But I started a new one because I have new information now. It seems like now, every time I log on there is at least one guy in the room blowing past you like you are standing still. I am at full tilt on the 500cc -down a straight, and they blow past me. Then they beat the entire group by +45 second in a 4 lap race.

    Not only is it happening now every night basically, it is happening on 250fs, 125's, quads, and even some guy on a 50cc tonight was flying way faster than he should be. LoL.

    I talked with one of them tonight. He told me that it is called "The Juice" and it happens randomly. He has had it happen to him twice in two months. Am I buying that? Hmmm. I don't know? I have been playing the game since day one. Never seen it. And the fact that it did not exist until right around the time of my initial post, and now so frequent (every night) I have trouble believing it is not controlled by someone some how? I really hope you guys can put the kabash on this issue soon. It immediately ruins the race when one of these dudes shows up. No one can even finish the race cause they end it so far ahead of everyone.

    Now with all of the new rep tracks coming up it will really suck if everyone's motivation to race fare and square is squashed because of this disease.

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    This is interesting Spode. Couple weeks back i was racing a friend I have raced since alive days. We have always been pretty close and suddenly he was like 6 seconds a lap faster than me. I jokingly said that I was gonna have to put more work in he suddenly gaped me by so much....and his reply to me was that he didnt know what happened. He didnt feel he was playing any different than always but that he was suddenly so much faster and didnt exacly know why himself...said he just logged in one day and it was like his bike was way faster. Makes me think now that there may really be something to this,,,but if its a glitch with the controller found and say they dont want to reveal the secret..can play it off as some kinda phenom in which it would be a wild goose chase. I just think its still the glitch in general. Dont get me wrong you still have to be very good and rail turns but the glitchers really capitalize on it and i just disregard most of the top 10 or so times you see at the top of most charts when its clear they cut the track or just glitched there way to that time. I also notice if you get in a room and follow them seems they always have like a major lag situation going and it the riding doesnt look real....always just the super super fast ones. Just saying


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    Thats weird noticed this a few times now! Im pretty good on the 500 and the other day I couldnt hang with a guy on a 125 he was out powering me on the straights and I couldnt figure it out. I never messaged the guy though...I was too busy self loathing because I got smoked by a 125 lol. I noticed some times guys on quads go around the tracks like rocket ships and like you said finish so far ahead it doesnt make sense. Idk whats going on but Ive experienced this a handful of times.

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    The quads dont even slow down they can go through a rhythm section casing every jump and still be faster through it. Ive experienced the lagging thing like if someone has a poor connection but this doesnt seem to be the case all the time.

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    I have been experiencing this also, like Spode said person wins by 45+ seconds. Wish there was a way to kick the person. Hopefully they are working on an update.

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    a guy on a 50 was clearing quads and lapped me today on ps4 vertion! i was on a ktm 450... also for the last 3 days iv beed getting smoked by my friend who was on a stock un-upgraded 125 LOL he was flippin and has no idea whats happening. i skunk him when hes running his 450's and 500's, but when he runs his 125 he kicks my but. he said never has he been this fast and the weird thing is it only happens with his 125's. he even restarted his ps4 and isstill lapping my 450 and 500!

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    There's a bug in the Xbox One version that causes bike performance to increase or decrease, sometimes significantly. We've attempted to address it in previous patches, but it continues to persist. We have a few leads we should be able to follow up on.

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    Well it seems to be persistent in the PS4 version as well. I have friends that go 80 miles per hour in first gear and average between 55 and 75 miles per hour on MX tracks. My ATVs are glitched I can stay in first gear and just continuously tap the clutch and beat the All Star AI's heck I can take my ATV 450 keep it in first and tap the clutch repeatedly and clear quads that is insane try it yourself and see if it works for you just stay in first gear and kept the clutch every secondLOL

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    LoL, Yes it is still out there. I am not sure if this is the "dust glitch", But every now and then dudes blow past me at 80m mph off the gate. LoL.



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