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    Xbox One or PS4?

    I am trying to decide which console I want to purchase for this game, Xbone or PS4. Most if not all of the youtube videos I have found are on the PS4. Cliinch, Haze, TrueBrew, Pinstripes and a couple others. Hard to find any Xbone youtube videos, does anybody have or know of any broadcasters that are good at the game.

    I have seen a few references to glitches in the Live chat of some of the top PS4 guys. Double preload is back, shifting in the air, corner speed glitch? Sorry to hear they muted the 500cc, it was more challenging to ride in Supercross, but ripped once you mastered it. Not sure I have seen any top guys on 500s anymore in the PS4 youtube videos. Once in a while they will get on a quad for laughs and fly around the corners and jump much farther. Maybe they will offer some bike balancing at some point.

    I had a ton of time on the Xbox360 version of Supercross but have not played the game in months. If they come up with a new Supercross or Motocross series track pack, I would be in.

    Host migration (transferring to a new host when a player quits) would be welcomed.
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